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LOVE IT! Everything I need to keep my teeth white and my mouth healthy and clean naturally. Definitely going to be making this part of my routine to whiten and detox.

-Michelle L.

Does it work? Yes! Yes! My teeth looked whiter after the first use and my mouth felt super fresh and clean.

-Rachel B.

Would give this a five any day! I am really happy. My teeth aren’t stained anymore. The dark almost brownish tiny spots on them are also gone. And my breath has improved a lot.

-Amy C.

Customer service went above and beyond to answer my questions. I appreciate that. All cocodust products are very effective. I give this perfect five out of five.

-Jessica M.

I really really like it. I honestly wasn’t too big on the whole natural thing because the ones I have tried didn’t do much for me but Cocodust is an entirely different animal.

-Jackson D.

Impressive! It has been just a week maybe less, and my teeth look ten times better. A whole lot of whitening in such a short time and there’s good freshening and general detox added in too!

-Steph F.

The kit is amazing! Whitens everything and detoxifies what needs to be detoxified. I love how fast it’s doing the job too. I got really big results with the first few days.

-Sanja S.

100% Natural, easy to use, affordable, and it works!!! What more can you ask for. Love my Cocodust, it’s part of my everyday routine

-Kristy B.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I was sceptical when trying this product BUT it really is as good as everyone says it is! I’ve always struggled with yellow teeth. Since using cocodust, my are whiter and I can smile more confidently!

-Ruby J.

Been looking for something like this for a while and so glad I stumbled upon it. Great stuff. Love it!

-Jo Z.

Your product is AMAZING!!! I’ve been the type of girl afraid to smile because of my teeth and since using cocodust for at least a month now, I can smile with confidence. Couldn’t believe the results within a week. Thank you so much!

-Oilvia G.

Loving my pearly whites, all thanks to cocodust✔️ After 3 uses I am noticing the difference and I love how it is eco-friendly

-Kristen B.